It is August 01, 1945, at Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco...

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The KIDD is just completing repairs following the April 11 kamikaze hit that killed thirty-eight of her crew off of Okinawa. It is the days before television, plastic, OSHA, and warning labels on everything. It is back when personal safety was a matter of alertness and common sense.


The KIDD is a 1945 ship, so exercise caution as you visit. It is six days before the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Most of the crew are ashore enjoying their last stateside liberty. The remainder are readying the ship for the war’s final campaign–the invasion of Japan. Over 350 ships were sunk or damaged at Okinawa, and rumor has it that the invasion of Japan will make Okinawa look like a Sunday picnic…

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While our ship is away the Museum is open. See our page Overhaul 2024/2025 on this website for further details regarding the ship.