Ship Safety Rules

Have a safe trip aboard our ship by following these rules.

We are delighted that you have chosen to visit the USS KIDD!

Please keep in mind that this ship was built in 1942 before modern day safety practices were in effect. The ladders are steep, the decks can be slippery and a lot of equipment is literally underfoot. In short, everyone needs to be attentive to potential hazards while aboard and observe all of the rules.  These rules have been developed over the course of conducting 20 years’ worth of hosting visitors and take everyone’s safety into consideration. Also remember that we are in fact a museum, and the same indoor courtesy should be taken as in any other museum environment. Thank you for your cooperation!

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For All Visitors

  1. In order to prevent falls/injuries, running is not permitted in the museum nor aboard ship.
  2. Vandalism or theft of items from the ship will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  3. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children whether supervised or not.
  4. Restricted areas are marked and those restrictions must be observed.
  5. When exploring the ship, we strongly recommend the use of the Buddy System.
  6. Do not push buttons, turn knobs or throw switches that you see throughout the ship as it may result in important systems being accidentally shut down (like air conditioning or heating systems).
  7. Vertical ladders (straight up and down) are marked and off-limits. Do not climb them.
  8. Angled ladders (or stairs) are okay to climb. Make sure shoe laces are tied and use both hands when going down the stairs. Only one person on the stairs at a time.
  9. When handling the 20mm guns aboard ship, pay attention to where you are swinging the mount. People in your vicinity can be seriously injured if a gun barrel hits them in the head.  Do not unlatch anything on the 20mm gun or stick your hands in the gun’s mechanism.
  10. When handling the 40mm guns, do not jump off the guns. You will hit your head on the guard rails. Sit down and slide off of the gun mount. Do not cross over the curved half-piping where the gun tracks.
  11. No child should be on a gun without an adult supervising him/her.
  12. No one is permitted to climb into either whaleboat.
  13. Climbing on the superstructures of the ship (supporting walls, crossbeams, pipes, stanchions, watertight doors, vertical ladders, etc.) is prohibited.
  14. Watch your step & duck your head!
  15. Do not lean on railings or netting along the side of the ship or on the upper decks.
  16. Beware of slippery or wet decks. Always keep one hand free to use for support on railings.
  17. Smoking is permitted on the open (uncovered) areas of the Main Deck only.
  18. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises (grounds for immediate dismissal).

Additional Rules For Overnight Campers

  1. “Lights Out” is set at midnight to ensure everyone receives a good night’s sleep. This also avoids problems of noise keeping neighboring groups awake. “Reveille” is set promptly at 6:30 a.m. so you want to make sure to get some ‘shut eye.’ After “Lights Out,” no one should be out on the Main Deck except to visit the bathroom. All children/youth should be accompanied by an adult.  Note: Our alarm system is active at this time for your protection and wandering the ship at night will set it off.
  2. Personal electronic equipment should be left at home as the ship’s electrical systems were not designed for modern electronic devices (i.e. radios, CD or MP3 players, hair dryers, curling irons, etc.)

USS KIDD is Open

By order of the Mayor President face masks are required thru Aug 3rd. USS KIDD is open daily 9:30am - 3:30pm