Cold War (1953-64)

“KIDD-napped!” — A Dependent’s Cruise

Memory from: E.L. Coward

Setting the Scene

E.L. Coward served aboard USS WEDDERBURN (DD-684), a division mate of the KIDD throughout the Korean and WESTPAC cruises of the 1950s. He recalls a practical joke involving the KIDD and an officer aboard the WEDDERBURN.

The Recollection

I never sailed aboard the KIDD but was on USS WEDDERBURN (DD-684) for almost seven years. Both ships being in DESDIV 152 [Destroyer Division 152], I knew sailors aboard the KIDD. I recall a dependent’s cruise in which we did a highline with the KIDD. The wife of one of our junior officers rode the “chair” over to the KIDD. Upon her landing on KIDD’s deck, the KIDD broke the highline, broke the Jolly Roger on her port yard, and steamed off into the mist. Only a few people knew that this was going to happen and the officer in question was completely in the dark. The look on his face was of total panic. Fun was had by all.

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