• “KIDD-napped!” — A Dependent’s Cruise

    Cold War (1953-64)

    E.L. Coward served aboard USS WEDDERBURN (DD-684), a division mate of the KIDD throughout the Korean and WESTPAC cruises of the 1950s. He recalls a practical joke involving the...

  • “Hong Kong & The Formosa Straits”

    1st Korean Cruise (1951-52)

    Hong Kong has long been a strategic port in the Far East. A potential Cold War flashpoint between Communist China and Great Britain (it was at that time a...

  • “Air Raid!!!” — Tarawa

    WWII (1943-46)

    B.J. Fischione, a crewman aboard one of the KIDD's sisterships and squadron mates, USS ERBEN (DD-631), relates the story of an attack on the KIDD just a few months...

  • “Seven Spades and the Comic Book”

    WWII (1943-46)

    Rear Admiral Allan B. Roby, the KIDD's first commander, recounts a humorous story of one of the KIDD's easier mid-ocean rescues during World War II.

  • Navy Chow—The Ups and Downs of It

    WWII (1943-46)

    Food. There are very few things more subjective. To paraphrase from a popular saying, 'One man's fine meal is another man's slop.' Nothing is more true when talking with...

  • “Esther and the HAINAN”

    2nd Korean Cruise (1952-53)

    Esther Williams was a popular actress in the 1940s and 1950s. Pin-ups of her could be found far and wide in the military. According to legend, one young sailor...

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