• “Kamikaze Warfare” – The Mk-37 Gun Director

    WWII (1943-46)

    The kamikaze attack on the USS KIDD (DD-661) on April 11, 1945, is not an isolated event. It must be viewed ultimately in the context of the desperation of...

  • Target Duty for Torpedo Planes

    WWII (1943-46)

    Sonarman 2nd class Fred Higgins, Jr., recalls an unnerving experience off the coast of Honolulu in which the KIDD came under fire from friendly forces again in another war...

  • “Kamikaze Warfare — The Signal Bridge”

    WWII (1943-46)

    Some people just have a gift for memory. They see and hear things and they never forget them. Their ability at recall makes them a vital reference and resource...

  • “Torpedoes In The Water” — Rescue Off Rabaul

    WWII (1943-46)

    Bill Cox, one of the KIDD's wartime torpedomen, relates his experience of an incident which occurred on November 11, 1943, during the Bougainville landings just a few months after...

  • “Air Raid!!!” — Tarawa

    WWII (1943-46)

    B.J. Fischione, a crewman aboard one of the KIDD's sisterships and squadron mates, USS ERBEN (DD-631), relates the story of an attack on the KIDD just a few months...

  • “A Pilot’s Best Friend” — Plane Guard Duty

    WWII (1943-46)

    Marshall H. McRoy, the pilot of a Gruman TBF Avenger torpedo bomber, tells of his harrowing experience on December 16, 1943, of ditching into the Pacific west of Hawaii...

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