Fall Field Day '00




The 2000 Field Day crew gathers on the fantail for a photo.

The 2000 Field Day crew gathers on the fantail for a photo.


Fall Field Day '00: Held October 26-29, 2000. Twenty-three (23) participants attending including six (6) former KIDD crew members. Those attending came from thirteen (13) different states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.


The "black gang" turned to in the aft fireroom with Bruce Kittredge (DD-651), Joe Vitale (DD-677), and Noah Mathias (DD-541) joining KIDD volunteer Robert Allen (DD-659). By the end of the weekend, this group had all four blower rooms cleaned with the bulkheads painted. Richard Ammon, Jr. (DD-661) and George Gordin (DD-661) worked on repairing lighting and the periscope lights in the fireroom. Roger McCracken (DD-541) worked with KIDD volunteer Dick Findlay (Seabees) to scrape and paint the bilges in the forward engineroom. Edward Hively (DD-661) joined KIDD staff member Mel Marshall (DD-544) and Ship's Superintendant Jesse Eaves (AO-24) in cleaning 5"/38-cal. Gun Mount 54, dropping its breech block, and returning it to firing condition.


Two people took the opportunity that the field day presented them to learn a little more about what their fathers went through during World War II. Dr. Georgia Tuttle came aboard to experience firsthand the lifestyle that her father endured aboard another Fletcher-class tin can, USS FOOTE (DD-511). She cleaned and rearranged the wardroom dining set before moving on to tackle the stripping and repainting of the midships 20mm guns. Michael Buchart, whose father served in the Merchant Marine and had a couple of tankers torpedoed out from under him, worked on repairing wasted metal on the quad 40mm shell ejection chutes with welder Troy Poteet (DDG-12).

Mike McGee and Richard Jones worked to remove the shell ejection chutes from quad 40mm Gun Mount 43 for repair. While Poteet and Buchart worked on repairing the chutes themselves, Mike and Richard chipped and painted the base of the gun mount in preparation for putting the chutes back into place. They were joined on Saturday afternoon by Rick Jones. Mack Bradley (DD-661) cleaned the CIC area while Carlous Burris joined KIDD volunteers Garrett Lynch (DD-474) and Frank "Beef" Lewis in tracking down electrical gremlins in the ship's public address system. Burris was joined on Friday by Richard Truman (DD-661) in repairing speakers and fans throughout the ship as well as conducting clean-up and exhibit arrangement in Radio Central. Tony Brown (U.S. Army Air Corps) greeted visitors on the Quarter Deck, freeing up staffer Mel Marshall for work on 5"/38-cal. Gun Mount 54. Harry Howard (DD-210 & DD-265) conducted repairs to the showers in the Chief's head, Officer's head, and the aft Enlisted head. John Ellsworth (DD-591) pulled double duty, working on both Mount 54 and the 40mm shell chutes.

Donald Lansing (DD-661) found out about the field day while visiting on vacation just days beforehand. He arrived for the day on Thursday morning with tools in hand and joined Burris, Lynch, and Lewis in repairing the PA system. The most recent ship to bear the name KIDD was represented by Tony Scharp (DDG-993) who arrived with his father Norm. They tackled the brasswork in the pilothouse, making the place shine before their departure.

Ms. Mary Hebert and students from the Oral History Department at Louisiana State University visited the group on Friday morning to record remembrances of their time in the Armed Services.

Evening meal on Thursday was provided by The Pasttime Lounge, with breakfast on Friday morning being delivered by McDonalds of Baton Rouge. Benjamin C. Fernandez (DDG-16 & FF-1074) and wife Jo Anne returned for the third year straight to provide a wonderful array of meals for the crew on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


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